Second Bankruptcy Course


Second Bankruptcy Course is a website which provide post-filing debtor education course in the U.S.

The previous website was becoming outdated and competitors were slowly gaining market shares, so management decided to react and modernize the design as well as the content. 

we gathered a team involving a web developer, a web designer and a marketing specialist and started to think about the user journey.

We did some research and found out that over half of the visitors were on mobile. Unfortunately because the website was not mobile friendly (not responsive) most prospect were leaving without purchasing the course. We could see a high bounce rate in Google Analytics. 

Here is the Before / After result:

The new website was built using Bootstrap 4 (world’s most popular front end toolkit), and was thought for mobile users while keeping in mind desktop navigation.

We used the new image format from Google called WebP which reduce the weight of images without compromising quality. This allow us to save 25-34% of the images total weight. Standard JPEG images are still available for browsers that does not support WebP yet.

On the marketing angle, we setup the whole funnel in Google Analytics in order to track the customer journey. We can now see where users drops and take action. 

On the content aspect, we identified keywords and queries using SEMrush and Google tools ( Trends, Analytics and Search Console)  and rewrote every pages. We especially worked on the FAQ page as it was an important entry point from search engines.

After a few months with the new website results were conclusive as we increased organic traffic by 90% and sales by 16%. The website itself, even if significantly bigger, is faster and lighter thanks to optimization.





April 2019


Website, SEO, Marketing