Hello, I'm Yohann Berger

Front End Developer, Web Designer, Photographer

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Capture Memories

Photography is allowing much more...

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First Place

Do your best and you will succeed !

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Watch and listen

That's how we learn

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Multitask !

icon developer

Front End

Building fast, simple and responsive websites and make the brigde between web design and web development, using the latest techologies.

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icon design

Web / UI Design

Thinking design and user interface to be attractive everywhere, no matter the device. I create also icons and visual identity for various needs.

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icon photography


Fully attracted by all photography domains, I try to explore all the possibilities that a camera offers. I am also doing photo editing, to bring pictures to the next level.

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Front End Development

These are some examples of my work.

- Have a look on Blog Yongnuo (Wordpress).
- Have a look on Timestamp Converter.
- Have a look on Pikshare (wip).

Timestamp converter
Timestamp converter menu
Fine Spicies Shop
Nova Drone