Health Board

Take care of your health and monitor it.

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Health Board Mobile

Health Board

Up to date !

Using the latest tools to build amazing websites.

HTML5 - CSS3 - jQuery

Built for iPad

Health Board

Healthboard iPad


Timestamp converter made easy (and beautiful)


Web designs / Web sites / Icons

Here are a few samples of my work. This section will be updated with my latest creations.


Designing interfaces, and putting them to life ! What a great job. I create real or conceptual projects always with passion.

- Have a look on Blog
- Have a look on Timestamp Converter.
- Have a look on Pikshare (Work in progress).

Timestamp converter
Timestamp converter menu
Fine Spicies Shop
Nova Drone


Responsive Design to be used on every devices.

- Healthboard Concept.



Mobile and responsive interfaces.

Pikshare Mobile 1
Pikshare Mobile Menu
Healthboard Mobile
Spicy Shop Mobile mobile mobile menu
Pikshare Mobile 2

Apple Watch

With the brand-new Apple Watch, there is now a whole new area for our apps. How can we create an effective design and application suitable for this tiny screen? I took the challenge and created this version of my Healthboard concept.

Healboard on the Apple Watch